Hiroshi Hatanaka
STOCK LISTINGS Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) 2nd Section
HEAD OFFICE 6-3-14, Nakatsu, Kita-ku, Osaka 531-0071 JAPAN  [ MAP ]
TEL: +81-6-4799-8853 / FAX: +81-6-4799-8864
BUSINESS OFFICES Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe (Hyogo) , Okayama
FACTORIES Kasai Factory (Hyogo) , Taki Factory ( Hyogo)
  1. Manufacture and sale of semi-dry cast concrete products (VICON series )
  2. Import environmentally-friendly products as a sales agent from foreign suppliers in sewage,
    landscaping, and water treatment.
  3. Sale, installation and maintenance of building equipment
5,000 tons
OWNED PROPERTY Land 126,000m2 / Building 22,000m2


February, 1950

ITO SHOTEN was established in Akashi City, Hyogo by Goji Ito , sold construction materials.

February, 1950 PHOTO 02 February, 1950 PHOTO 01

March, 1963

The head office was moved to Nada in Hyogo.

March, 1963 PHOTO 01

April, 1966

The trade name was changed to "ITO YOGYO CO., LTD.".

September, 1967

A semi-dry casting machine was imported from Denmark to our Factory. We have launched production and sale of semi-dry cast products known as VICON series in Japan.
We are a pioneer and a leading company of semi-dry cast concrete in Japan , which is now better known as VICON in our country.

We are a pioneer and a leading company of semi-dry cast concrete in Japan , which is now better known as VICON in our country.

September, 1967 PHOTO 02 September, 1967 PHOTO 01

April, 1968

Taki Factory was established in Sasayama City, Hyogo.

February, 1973

Kasai Factory was established in Kasai City, Hyogo.

February, 1973 PHOTO 01

April, 1976

VICON National Association was established.

April, 1976 PHOTO 01

July, 1987

We have launched import and sale of foreign sewage products such as rubber connectors (for manholes) to our local market.

July, 1987 PHOTO 01

April, 1992

We obtained a certificate for rubber connectors , which proves fulfillment of claimed product quality and performance under examination by third organization

April, 1992 PHOTO 01

January, 1999

ITO YOGYO CO., LTD has listed stocks

November, 2000

Nakatsu Office was established in Osaka and moved headquarters there

November, 2000 PHOTO 01

December, 2001

We have started selling Aquari Block.
(Curb stone with a drainage function)

December, 2001 PHOTO 01

February, 2004

Tokyo Branch Office was established in Nipponbashi

December, 2005

We became an exclusive distributor of HumeCeptor ( also known as Stormceptor) in Japan.

December, 2005 PHOTO 01

April, 2008

Hiroshi Hatanaka was assigned as representative director (CEO) president of ITO YOGYO CO., LTD.

April, 2008 PHOTO 01 April, 2008 PHOTO 02

April, 2011

Online store " ITO STORE" was opened.

March, 2013

We have started selling D.D. BOX.
(Compact 2-story box to accommodate underground cables and drainage)

March, 2013 PHOTO 01

March, 2015

We obtained the examination certificate for wedge-type rubber connectors.

March, 2015 PHOTO 01

April, 2017

Kobe Office was transferred from Nada to Kobe City, Hyogo.

April, 2017 PHOTO 01


The company celebrated the 70th anniversary of its founding.

July, 1987 PHOTO 01



Our Development Division researches and discovers innovative products and technologies overseas with support from Technical Development (R&D) Department. We have well-experienced engineers and have worked in governmental or municipal projects in sewage and road engineering for more than a decade.

Using our experience and knowledge, Development Division assists introducing foreign products and technologies into Japanese market and Technical Development assists the products to adjust Japanese standards and regulations. We have successful records of introducing foreign products, especially in relation to sewer engineering, road, traffic safety, landscaping, and storm water management.

We always value uniqueness and additional functions of your products. If you ever have an interest in introducing your products into Japanese market relating to our business fields, let us know by clicking " CONTACT US". Our team will reply you shortly.